domingo, abril 14, 2013

Ya puedo Morir Tranquilo: Vi a The Cure! Sueño Cumplido.


Sometimes there's nothing to feel 
sometimes there's nothing to hold 
sometimes there's no time to run away 
sometimes you just feel so old 
the times it hurts when you cry 
the times it hurts just to breathe 
and then it all seems like there's no-one left 
and all you want is to sleep 
fight fight fight 
just push it away 
fight fight fight 
just push until it breaks 
fight fight fight 
don't cry at the pain 
fight fight fight 
or watch yourself burn again 
fight fight fight 
don't howl like a dog 
fight fight 
just fill up the sky 
fight fight fight 
fight til you drop 
fight fight fight 
and never never 
never stop 
Fight fight fight 
fight fight fight 
So when the hurting starts 
and when the nightmares begin 
remember you can fill up the sky 
you don't have to give in 
you don't have to give in 
Never give in 
never give in 
never give in.

Lo que sonó esto en River fue CRIMINAL!

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